3D Printing Step-by-Step

15 Apr

How to 3D print Thingiverse Objects on a MakerGear M2 with Simplify3D Creator and Pronterface

-          Plug-in 3D printer and connect the USB

-          Find the object that you want to print on thingiverse.com

-          Download the STL file for that object

-          Open simplify 3D/creator

-          Drag STL file onto coordinate plane

-          Click “arrange”

-          Warm up 3D printer bed and extruder with Pronterface software

-          Click “add” in the Creator software

-          Complete the settings and hit  save

-          Put your memory card into your laptop

-          Click “prepare” and do your settings and save to the memory card

-          Run preview if you want by dragging the “end” slider

-          Put your memory card back into the printer

-          Bring up Pronterface (or click Tools, Machine Control Panel in Creator, but I prefer Pronterface)

-          Click “connect” and you’ll hear the fans change pitch for a second.

-          Click “SD” and then “SD print”

-          Choose the file that you want to print

-          Spray a little bit of Aqua Net hairspray on your 3D printer bed

-          As soon as the printer warms up and starts the actual printing process, unplug the USB cable

That’s it.  Now just pray that the bed is level, the Z-offset is correct and that the bed is sticky enough and the extruder doesn’t clog.  Other than that . . . piece of cake!

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