Day 6: Building a Case

18 Jan

Follow my 11-year-old adventures with my Raspberry Pi

Day 6

Making a Raspberry Pi Case

Today I started making a case for my Raspberry Pi. Now I don’t have a 3D printer (though I wish I did) so I had to think of something else, wood, plastic, or nothing. I look around the house for ideas but nothing came to me until I saw a sheet of plastic lying around the house. So many questions ran through my head while I stared at the sheet of plastic, Would it work, What would I use to cut it, Would it be enough plastic considering it was only one sheet? I grabbed the piece of plastic, took it to my dad, and told him that I wanted to make a Raspberry Pi case out of this plastic. He told me okay and to look up plans on the computer.  First, we tried Legos, but we didn’t have all of the right pieces.  Fail!

Next, we found a website that has a pattern to cut out a case from paper or card stock (  We cut one out and built it, but it wasn’t very good in paper.  It was here that I made the first mistake of not trying out the Pi in the case, but I’ll get back to that later.  My second mistake was not to read the part that says, “This is the outside base.”  So, we decided to use the template to cut one out of plastic.  We laid out the parts and traced them in pencil.  Then we used a Dremel Tool (I call mine “Dremey”) to cut out the big shapes and a grinder to cut out the small shapes.  We used pvc pipe glue to glue it all together and sanded it all down and painted it a nice purple color by hand, four or five coats.  We even carved the Raspberry Pi logo into the top with Dremey.  It looked GREAT!  Only problem is . . . we put it together upside down.  We put the outside base on the inside.

Once we took it all apart, the paint was messed up and there was glue all over the place, so we used Dremey to grind it all down.   Then we put it back together the right way.  But by now, the color was terrible, it was scratched up from grinding, so we decided to just spray paint it white.  That was a terrible idea.  It dripped and got things stuck to it while drying and really didn’t come out well.  Then, we realized that the connectors stick out far and it wouldn’t even fit into the case!  Wow, what an experience.  So, we cut the tops off of the holes so that we could just slide it down in and now it fits.  It looks really bad, but it’ll keep the raspbpi from getting injured.

Also, we have wires coming off of the GPIO and that doesn’t work with the lid on, so we usually leave it off.  I have a ribbon cable now, so we might just cut a slot in the lid for it to pass through.  That’ll mess up the paint again!  Like my title says, this is going to be an adventure.  Where’s Dremey???

Here’s a picture of the final product (it looks blue):



I guess we’re better at programming than we are at building stuff.

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Here’s a video of a guy making one of the paper Pi cases:


2 Responses to “Day 6: Building a Case”

  1. Dan January 22, 2013 at 5:40 am #

    Very cool. I’m gonna have to give this a shot myself.


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