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My new focus

26 Jul

Hey, RPI Kid readers I took a few months off while on vacation but now I’M BACK!!! While I was gone I did some thinking. I came up with some new ideas like blogging about fun science activities for kids as well as technology, robots, science competitions, etc. With my new ideas I plan to put audio and even videos. So to start off my new ideas I want to first talk about an amazing app that is free! It’s called DIY. It has different challenges with projects to go with them. For example, “Game Dev“ is one category and one of the projects is “Create a sprite spread sheet”.  Not only can you see projects and do them, you can upload pictures of the project to the app and other people can comment and like the picture.  Also, they can follow you if they feel you do good projects and would like to see more.  Check out my DIY page at to see my projects.

After you do a certain number of projects in a category, you can earn a badge for that category.   You can see that right now, I have 5 skill badges: weaver, woodworker, stitcher, chemistry,   and gardener.      What?  No technology???  I need to fix that!

Check it out, you can either use the website or get the app for your smart device.  Just go to and while you’re there, leave some comments on my projects!