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Broadcom Day 4: I MET THE PRESIDENT!!!!!!! Yes, OBAMA!!!

30 Sep

I couldn’t wait until tonight to blog.  I GOT TO MEET THE PRESIDENT!!!!!  I shook his hand and he patted me on the back and congratulated me!  I almost hyperventilated and passed out!  I got to go into the oval office.  He actually has a classified red button!  There were paintings, boxing gloves, and the white house seal on the carpet.  I even got to drink presidential water, the same water that the president drinks.  He even told us the story of Queen Victoria and his presidential desk.

Wow, I’m still walking on air!

We’re not finished for the day, I just had some time to change so I had to blog about this experience.  I might blog again later about the other awesome things we did today.

Here is a napkin that we took home from the White House!



Broadcom MASTERS Day 3: Teamwork makes the Dream Work

30 Sep

Today was the teamwork day of Broadcom M.A.S.T.E.R.S.  The Society for Science and the Public identified engineering challenges like making solar energy affordable or reverse engineering the brain.  Then each team had to come up with an idea for a solution, create a project, and then present the idea to the group.  My group tackled, “Personalizing Medicine.”  We had an hour to complete our project.  Our idea was to teach our own generation STEM so well that we will come up with solutions to medical problems.  We also built circuits out of a Snap Circuits kits.  Watch YouTube because I’ll be producing a video about the Snap Circuits kit that I have at home in the next few weeks.  We also went on a tour of Washington D.C. and parts of Virginia.

We went to a mummy exhibit at the Maryland Science Center and it was AMAZING!  The Egyptians were incredibly smart to be able to preserve these bodies so long.  We also sat in a chair and pulled ourselves up using ropes and pulleys.  We did “Mayan Math” problems where we had to figure out a date from symbols.

We went to dinner at a really nice restaurant (Carmine’s) and we saw Paul Ryan there.  Pretty cool.

Tomorrow, we’ll continue the team challenges.  I can’t wait to see how amazing the rest of the masters are again.


Broadcom Day 2: Judgement Day

29 Sep

Today was the second official day of Broadcom M.A.S.T.E.R.S and we met with the judges.  I was a little nervous with the first judge.  I was so nervous that I forgot to even mention my blog, my wiki, my YouTube channel.  Oops.  By the second judge, I was over the nervousness and did much better.

After the judging, the projects were open to the public.  There were hundreds of people there!  I spoke to so many people and had so much fun.  There were even television programs (Swivet) and Broadcom was recording some of the activities too.  There were photographers everywhere.  We felt like celebrities.  Society for Science and the Public had such a great idea.  They made trading cards for each of us to hand out to the people who came to see our projects.  I’ll try to post pictures of them below.

We went and saw a HILARIOUS play!  We went to lunch and dinner together so I’m really getting to know the other participants.  The parents got to go to a botanical garden and American Indian Museum too.  They do a great job helping us make friends and our parents too.

Tomorrow starts the team competitions.  I think I’m ready for this!



Broadcom, YEAH! Day 1

28 Sep

Hey, this is something new for me . . . blogging from another state!  I’m in Washington D.C. right now for the Broadcom M.A.S.T.E.R.S. competition.  My science fair project and all of my online science activities got me selected to come out and compete against other kids who love science.  But even better, we get to connect and play games together too.

Today was my first day here and I got to meet all of the kids who’ll be on my team during the competition.  They’re awesome!  They are from all over the country.  They’re from Texas, Colorado, and more.  Even though I’m the youngest one out of all 30, they’re all great to me and don’t treat me like a little kid.

Today was the day for us to get to know each other before the competition.  We played games where we were blindfolded and had to guide each other around.  We played a fun game where they showed us a bundled up piece of string and we had to decide if it’s “a knot” or “not a knot.”

Tomorrow is the day where we present our projects to the judges.  Then, the projects are open to the public, so if you’re in the Washington D.C. area, stop by to check out all 30 projects.  We’ll be at the National Geographic Society September 28, 2013.  Here’s more details,   Maybe we’ll see you there.

Society for Science and the Public and Broadcom have done a GREAT job so far.  I can’t wait until tomorrow!

I’m going to try to blog every night that I’m here so you guys can follow along with my adventure.

Big Announement!!!

3 Sep

    These past few days have been jam packed with school and Broadcom M.A.S.T.E.R.S training. Oh yeah, did I mention that I made the top thirty in the nation for Broadcom M.A.S.T.E.R.S.?!? I was extremely happy to be a semi-finalist and now I am ecstatic about being a finalist! I leave for Washington D.C. in September. I will be competing for $60,000 worth of prizes against 29 other middle school students. There were 6,000 invitations, 1,600 applications, 300 semi-finalists, and 30 finalists.  I am even going to meet Eben Upton, the creator of the raspberry pi!!!

Here are some quotes from the Broadcom website, ( )

“Middle school students are nominated to compete in the Broadcom MASTERS by SSP-affiliated science fairs held during the school year. Nominees enter the competition by completing an application explaining their science project and demonstrating their use of STEM principles – science, technology, engineering and math – in the development and presentation of their project. From entrants nationwide, 300 semifinalists are selected, including 30 finalists. SSP is honored to partner with Broadcom to encourage young scientists, engineers and innovators to pursue their interest through a competition that rewards independent research, scientific inquiry, hands-on learning and teamwork.

Broadcom Foundation and Elmer’s® Products, Inc, the Broadcom MASTERS official classroom partner, also recognize the middle school teachers who have inspired and mentored the finalists. Elmer’s will award each finalist classroom with merchandise, rewards and a $125 Walmart gift card, and  Broadcom Foundation will give each finalist school $1,000. In total, Broadcom Foundation and Elmer’s will contribute more than $500,000 in prizes, awards and rebates to nominees, entrants, semifinalists, finalists, and their teachers and schools.

Learn more about the Raspberry Pi here:


Or purchase one by clicking here

(I HIGHLY recommend that you get a Raspberry Pi!!!!)