Broadcom MASTERS Day 3: Teamwork makes the Dream Work

30 Sep

Today was the teamwork day of Broadcom M.A.S.T.E.R.S.  The Society for Science and the Public identified engineering challenges like making solar energy affordable or reverse engineering the brain.  Then each team had to come up with an idea for a solution, create a project, and then present the idea to the group.  My group tackled, “Personalizing Medicine.”  We had an hour to complete our project.  Our idea was to teach our own generation STEM so well that we will come up with solutions to medical problems.  We also built circuits out of a Snap Circuits kits.  Watch YouTube because I’ll be producing a video about the Snap Circuits kit that I have at home in the next few weeks.  We also went on a tour of Washington D.C. and parts of Virginia.

We went to a mummy exhibit at the Maryland Science Center and it was AMAZING!  The Egyptians were incredibly smart to be able to preserve these bodies so long.  We also sat in a chair and pulled ourselves up using ropes and pulleys.  We did “Mayan Math” problems where we had to figure out a date from symbols.

We went to dinner at a really nice restaurant (Carmine’s) and we saw Paul Ryan there.  Pretty cool.

Tomorrow, we’ll continue the team challenges.  I can’t wait to see how amazing the rest of the masters are again.



2 Responses to “Broadcom MASTERS Day 3: Teamwork makes the Dream Work”

  1. reccles September 30, 2013 at 2:30 am #

    Did you like Carmine’s? Cool seeing Paul Ryan. Miss you


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    […] By krystal92586 […]

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