Minecraft Adventure Part 2- The Reinstallation

22 Nov

Today was tough, more long clock-ticking hours of trying to download minecraft on my raspberry pi. I am very determined to get minecraft on the pi, because I know I can, I know that it’s possible, I’ve done it before (see my blog here).  But then, it fell apart.  It stopped working.  I downloaded it again, installed it, played it for a few seconds, and it would crash the whole Pi.  When I would restart the Pi, Minecraft wasn’t even there!  So, I downloaded it again.  And it crashed again.  And it disappeared again.  And so the cycle continued for hours.  I had a feeling that I could just re-image the memory card and start over, but I HATE doing that.  It takes hours of typing in Linux commands.  So, I put my Raspberry Pi away for a couple of months and moved on to other things.

But, when I was in Washington D.C. (read about that adventure here),  Eben Upton told me that there is a new version of raspbian, and that it should fix all of the problems that I had explained to him and that he read about on my blog.  So, I decided that tonight is the night, I’ll reimage, reinstall, and play.  Good thing I blog about my Raspberry Pi adventures because I had to go through all of my old posts to remember how to image, how to connect to wifi, how to upgrade, how to update, and how to install Minecraft.  All of the problems that I had the first time in my blog, I had again.  It took 30 minutes to connect to wifi.  Minecraft didn’t work the first 6 times I downloaded it.  For me, adafruit’s instructions worked better using the wget command.  The pi.minecraft.net instructions had me download the file and try to extract it.  Extracting never worked until I used wget instead of going to the download site in Midori.  Here’s the site that I now recommend: http://learn.adafruit.com/running-minecraft-on-a-raspberry-pi/download-the-software.

But much worse than all of that . . . Minecraft just crashed on me.  But, I rebooted and I’m running it again.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  So far, so good.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh!  It froze again . . . I’m going to break this keyboard in half.  Wait . . . it just came back kinda.  But there’s an error message that says, “DBus error org.gtk.Private.RemoteVolumeMonitor.NotFound: The given volume was not found”  I don’t know if these two are related at all, but I’m going to try to click OK and see what happens.

OK, when I read that message, I moved Minecraft to Desktop 2 and it disappeared again.  So, I ran it again.  This time, I tried to see if I could join a game running on my iPod.  That didn’t work.  So, I just started a regular game.  I’ve been playing now for about 10 minutes and it has frozen a couple of times but not permanently.  One time, the “w” key seemed to be stuck and I had to restart the game.  But it is letting me build and saving my progress.  It’s taking up most of the processing power on the little meter in the corner, so that might be why it keeps freezing.  I only overclocked it to the lowest level.  But I don’t know if overclocking makes it worse because it’s going faster and will fill up the processing meter.  Or if it will make it better because it’s going fast and the processing meter will never reach the top.  I guess I have to do some experiments.

I’ve now been playing for about 20 minutes without a crash!  Yes!  I just wish that there were creepers.  So, I think it’s stable now but it took me 3 hours to get to this point.


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