Awesome Text Adventure Games

26 Nov

My dad was using my Raspberry Pi today doing all kinds of educational things with it . . . boooooring.  He played around in the Pi Store and downloaded educational manuals and stuff.  What a nerd!  But then I noticed a tab called “games”.  As we were scrolling through, there were modern games like facebook games and then one caught my eye.  It was a text-based game.


What would a 12-year old know about text-based games?  There was an episode of Big Bang Theory (my FAVORITE show) where Sheldon Cooper was trying to talk his friends into playing Zork on “Vintage Game Night.”  He explained that Zork was a text based game from way back that was incredibly fun.


Sheldon is one of my idols, so we downloaded the text adventure game and I’m playing it right now.  So, you type in simple commands like “Go North” or “Use Pitchfork” and the game tells you the results and then you choose what to do next.  But, you need to find food and water before you pass out from thirst and have to start over again.  In this game, you’re trying to find your grandson, Matthew.  There are stairs, rooms, cars, barns, a basement, each with items that you don’t know if you’re going to need or not.  And you’re only allowed to hold a certain number of items at a time.  If you come across an item that you think might be useful, you have to decide whether to drop something else to make room for it.


So far, I’ve played twice and I’ve passed out from thirst and I was attacked by rats in a dark tunnel.  Now, I’m drawing maps of all of my moves so that I can remember where the key and the locked door are.  This should help a lot.  I think that these text-based games are fun and I highly recommend that you try “The Abandoned Farmhouse Adventure.”


I also found a great website that lets you play the entire Zork trilogy through the internet, too.  Here’s the link:  


Here’s a YouTube video showing you how to install the Pi Store if you’re using an old version of Linux:


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