International Broadcom MASTERS

12 May

Today was my first day at the International Broadcom MASTERS, International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles.  If all of the days are like today, it’s going to be one of the best weeks of my life!  Keep watching and I’ll try to blog every night about what we do.  The plan is that I’ll get to visit the Broadcom factory, get a behind the scenes tour of Disneyland, meet Nobel Prize winners, and visit university laboratories.  Amazing!

Today, I got to meet my team.  We are called the “Grey Wolves” and there are members from China, Japan, Finland, India, and more.  That’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.  So far, there hasn’t been a lot of communication because of the languages, but I’m sure that Society for Science and the Public will help us out with that over the next 5 days.  We started with some ice breaker activities and they were fun.

We also do a pin exchange with us and the International Science Fair students.  This is where people from all over the world exchange pins or buttons that represent their local area.  See the picture below for some of my collection.

Keep watching my blog as the week is going to get more and more exciting each day.  Thanks, Broadcom!



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